Helen is a qualified mediator with significant experience of mediating disputes in her core areas of practice: property, partnership,  probate and estates but she also has experience of professional negligence and commercial dispute mediations.  The vast majority of the disputes she has mediated have settled on the day and even if that is not the case Helen is confident that she will have got the parties to a position where the issues are narrowed sufficiently that settlement follows shortly thereafter.

Helen believes that there are very few disputes involving individuals in which a settlement before trial is not in their interests. Parties tend to underestimate not only the financial and time cost of litigation but the toll it takes on them emotionally and physically.  Mediation also has a huge advantage over going to trial in that it can offer the parties flexible and wide ranging options for creating a tailor made settlement.  This can be in marked contrast to the more limited options available if the matter proceeds to trial with full litigation being described on occasion as a blunt instrument.

Helen does not seek to impose a particular format to a mediation.  In some cases a plenary session is helpful, in others it would be counterproductive.  In some cases a long day’s mediation results in settlement, in others, particularly with elderly parties, reaching a settlement late at night might not be in the parties interest and in that case it might be more sensible to carry out the mediation over two time limited days.  Helen also tries to encourage parties to make early offers – this is not a sign of weakness!

If you would like more information about her experience both as counsel in mediations and/or as a mediator, please contact clerks@xxiv.co.uk.

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